What Customers Say about I Met a Bee

reviews-on-amabel-pearlThese are few reviews on the ebook “I Met a Bee!”

By Liam Lusk
This is a delightful little book that has beautiful animation.
I read this book to my daughter who enjoyed the experience. Amabel Pearl has managed to catch the attention of the young reader and given them an interest for books at a very early age which is very important.

Books like this will help insure that our children appreciate the written word.

I Met a Bee! A Children’s Picture Book (Kids Reading!) – a great read for young children.

By Colin G Smith
This is a really nice little picture book that young children will love. The images are bright and colourful with the main word to be learned in big bold letters. There is also some small text on each page intended for the parent to read a little story to go along with the pictures. The design of this book is inspired by the work of Dr. Glenn Doman – a pioneer in the field of child brain development.

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