Toilet Training: Is your Kid ready?


Many a time, parents wonder when their kid will be ready for potty training. There isn’t a specific age, but a toddler develps the necessary skills, both phisically and mentally, usually between 18 and 24 months. One of the most important factor you should take into account is if your kid stay dry for 2 or more hours. This means he is physically ready. If your kid understand when he/she has to go, then, this is a further, important step. Soon your child will also develop the ability to hold.
Never force your kid, make the training be a game, a wonderful game which implies he/she is growing up. Maintain the necessary sense of humor and the positive attitude which will help you to have a fast and great success!
Use this complement to your potty trainign, which will help you kid to have fun: I Use a Potty! A Potty Training Complement as a Children’s Picture Book (Kids Reading!)

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