Potty Training Problems

Potty training problems

Potty training problems

This is one of the reviews received for I Use a Potty:

“[omissis]… This book is so cute, and it accomplishes one thing — making kids feel comfortable with going to the bathroom on a toilet. I remember potty training my daughter . . . vaguely! But one thing I do remember is that if a child isn’t comfortable with the process, no amount of cajoling and pushing will make the kid successful at it. I Use A Potty is an excellent way to introduce and reinforce it in a way that is fun and interesting for the child.

Very good idea and well executed.”

Often children aren’t very confortable with the process. It might be the wrong period, they might not be ready, either phisically or mentally, or they might just try to decide for themselves and the potty might just be an occasion for them to say “No”. These issues might even lead your child to suffer from constipation. To avoid every problem, don’t force your kid because it would be very counterproductive, don’t punish your toddler for any failure but reassure him when he gets wet.

Making your kid see other children enjoying their time on the potty can be very helpful.

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