My Books – I Miei Libri

Books by level:

Titles available:

(LEVEL 0: sight words accompanied by easy situations or simple stories)
I have a Dog
I have a Cat
I met a Bee
I’m a Bunny
I’m an Elf
I use a Potty

(LEVEL 1: simple words and sentences)
I want to be a Sparkly Princess
I want to be a Sparkly Astronaut
Sparkly Counting to 10 for Girls: A Sparkling 123 Book for Young Princesses
My Guardian Angel – The Prayer

(LEVEL 2: longer and more complex stories)
The Elf’s Baseball House
Roby, the little Robot

(LEVEL 3: longer stories, challanging words, more complex situations)
Santa Claus and the Witch who didn’t like Christmas
Phil, the Fly Rider

The following are all the books I published so far. I seguenti sono tutti i libri che ho pubblicato fin’ora:



Ho incontrato un’ape (Serie Posso Leggere!)

Babbo Natale e la Strega che detestava il Natale

Filippo, che Vola con le Mosche – Libro per ragazzi

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