Level 0 (Sight Words)

Kids Reading! the Ebook Series

The “Kids Reading!” Series is inspired by Dr. Doman Glenn’s book “How to Teach Your Baby to Read: The Gentle Revolution” and it is designed to help your children explore words and language with their first steps into reading.
Like with any other children’s picture books, they will be delighted and will enjoy the funny, nice illustrations, but they will also soon associate the images to the written words.
The humorous illustrations will delight them, as with any other picture books, but they will soon begin to associate the images with the written words.
According to Dr. G. Doman, very young children can read, providing the letters are big enough for them to see the difference between them. Dr. Doman also explains that it is easier to teach a baby to read a whole word, rather than teaching separate letters, because single letters are a concept a child cannot understand.
This Picture Book aims therefore to make your children get used to whole words, not individual letters. It encourages them to recognize their first written word.
The main word is taught with a combination of cute illustrations and short, musical, smooth rhymes or a shoet tect which will bring a big smile on your child’s face.
What you will not find here: – a long story, a intriguing plot, many pages for your kid to read.
What you will find here: – a short story made of 12 pages with colorful images to make your children get used to the written word (you will have to read the story)


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